Use inspiring content to create demand

Two of the common presumptions in marketing today are that good content and social media generates demand for your products or services.

In fact, they potentially can provide something much more long lasting and robust than generating demand for products and services. They can generate the demand to join a community of people who share your beliefs or ideals.

You should not be selling visitors a product or service, you should be selling them why you produce that product or service. Plenty of companies make widgets, but how many make a widget with a difference, or believe in a different way of selling widgets, or wants to make the most beautifully designed widget ever.

If you want to stand out, you need to create content that is inspiring. Marketing should start with the why and then follow with the how and then the what. Inspiring content generates demand for membership of a community. Over the long term, creating a community will lead to greater demand for products or services.

What shape will this community take?

Social media allows the pubic to communicate with you. Make use of it. Do not treat a business Twitter or Facebook account the same way as a personal account. Here you can get feedback, generate excitement about your products or services, and get people talking about your product or services. Remember you are selling a “lifestyle” not a product.