How can small sites beat large sites in google results?

If like many of our clients you are running a small business website, it can be frustrating to know that you aren’t getting as much interest in your products or services as the bigger companies. You know what you offer is as good or better, yet you see your site languishing on page three of the Google results pushed down by those with bigger marketing departments and budgets. What can small sites do to improve their positions in Google and gain more business?

This was the subject of a recent talk by Google’s senior engineer Matt Cutts. In it he stated that larger websites don’t automatically have to rank higher on Google. Small business websites can often respond faster and gain better rankings than the larger sites, which may not be updated as often, if at all. If you can set up a way to interact with your site and roll out current content in a timely manner, you can rank higher in Google search results. In his talk Matt noted, “It’s not the case that the smaller sites with superior content can’t outdo the larger sites. That’s how the smaller sites often become the larger sites”.

“They do a better job of focusing on user experience; they return something that adds more value. If it’s a research report organization, the reports are often higher-quality, more insightful, or delve deeper into issues,” he said. “If it’s an analytical focus, the analysis is generally more robust. Whatever area you are in, if you’re doing it better than the other incumbents, then over time you can expect to perform better.”

For a small business owner running a website, it can seem daunting to think they can do a better job of marketing than the bigger companies that may have dedicated people working on it. But Cutts offered some suggestions to drive extra traffic in this scenario, too.

“Think about concentrating on a smaller topic area, one niche at a time, and make sure you cover it really, really well,” he said. “Then you can build out from that smaller area until you become larger and larger.”

According to Google, producing superior-quality content is one of the best ways to achieve higher rankings. You do not have to be a big company to do this… you know your subject, perhaps better than anyone. You just need the time and wherewithal to create and add the content.

To put it simply, produce great-quality content, become an expert in a specific niche and soon enough you will be recognised as being the source of information for that subject.

Once you’ve conquered one subject area or niche, you can then move onto the next one. Before long you will have as much content on a subject area as the big sites you want to compete against.