Setting up an IMAP email account in Apple Mail

Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is a protocol for email retrieval and storage. Unlike POP email where mail is downloaded to your computer, IMAP leaves email on the mail server and allows multiple devices to simultaneously connected to the same mailbox. Useful if you need to share your mailbox, or if you need to check your email at the office and at home, or while on the move.

Setting up a POP email account in Apple Mail

POP (Post Office Protocol) is the standard way to check email which has been around for over twenty years. It is very similar to regular mail. Messages are delivered to your computer straight to your mailbox, where you can do with them as you please. The other, newer, method is IMAP (Interactive Mail Access Protocol) where email is stored on a server remotely. Below are the instructions for setting up a POP email account in Apple Mail.